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Sleepless nights, running, grabbing, spraying, sweating and sewing - and yet, we would totally do it again.



Either you’ve presented a collection ten times before, or it’s your first time doing it – it probably doesn’t get any less nerve-wracking. The annual presentation of graduate collections from the fashion design department at the Latvian Academy of Arts took place at Rīgas Mākslas Telpa this year, a subterranean art space, in an old and historic part of Riga.

The stage design was stripped back, with mirrors being the only extra elements at play, giving every collection and piece a strong opportunity to shine. As we observed every garment flow down the catwalk, minimal designs were mixed with bold statements, providing something satisfying and intriguing for every taste.

Photographer Peteris Viksna invites us backstage, where his lens captured a high level of energy, excitement, and possibly - a slight sense of fashionable chaos.

To see more from the designers, visit @lma.mode