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“Boredom / Long Time” - A cycle of exhibitions featuring four young artists and their interpretation of process, time and space.



Vitamin N

Seaside, the sound of waves hitting the sand, a summer breeze, an empty space, time – long, short, dragging on, going too fast. What used to be the canteen of a fish processing factory will, between 10th of July - 4th of August, house a cycle of exhibitions featuring a different artist each week. Sigita Sniegs, Paulīne Kalniņa, William Jones, and Tīna Pētersone will each present their own interpretation of the theme “Garlaicība (Boredom) / Long Time”. 

The first cycle of exhibitions by the newly founded has a strong tie to its location, a micro-utopian environment in a state of transformation at the hands of each individual artist's process. is a new experimental art gallery, founded by scenographer and visual artist Krišjānis Elviks, and curator Tīna Pētersone. Combining site-specific and interdisciplinary exhibitions (with an interactive and stimulating online platform) process becomes not only the means, but part of the actual result for us to devour. We are challenged in how we look at art – about time. 

Paulīne Kalniņa is a Latvian scenographer and artist, she will be presenting the project ‘Vitamin N’, in collaboration with Mārtiņš Zvirbulis. ‘Vitamin N’ is an experimental visual story combining different art forms, which goes back to the genesis and the relationship between human and nature, and the ability to co-exist. 

Tell us a bit more about the what medium you’ve chosen to work with for this exhibition - and why?

Since has defined itself as an experimental space, I was interested in trying to widen my boundaries in terms of what media I use. When studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, I discovered that scenography is an independent art field that can be strong enough to exist without theatre. 

In collaboration with emerging theatre artist Mārtiņš Zvirbulis, we created a project called ‘Vitamin N’, where performance meets photography, photography being a previously unexplored medium for me. 

Every component (the photography, the space itself, and the spectator) is leading to dialogue, where the origin and today's human meet. Dialogue is the answer to the question of ‘Why?’ – it reflects time passing, where a spectator recognizes his or her behaviour in the past and today. 

When does time pass quickly for you? And when does it pass very slowly?

It's interesting that humans seem to be the only animals who are connected to time and feel its flow completely unattached to the clock – my sense of time is affected by my emotions. As I get older, I feel more and more sensitive to what is happening in the world. Loneliness seems to be an emotion in which my time stops completely.

In what way did the location of this exhibition affect your preparation and process for it?

The location of the gallery significantly affects the content of the exhibition, I think that's why this time I’m allowing myself to create something very intimate and personal – because it's an environment where I feel safe. Last summer, when we created the ‘Vitamin N’ project, we worked in this area. I live near Plieņciems, and usually I come back here every summer.

What about the current art climate bores you?

In the art environment what worries me most is the internal climate, which is formed by the artist's cooperation with institutions. It seems that humanness is often forgotten in this cooperation. I’m currently trying to promote a pleasant internal team climate and healthy working conditions. I want an artist that’s able to function continuously, so it doesn't take a month to recover, and to be able to continue the creative process.

Installation No Reflection Portugal

"I’m allowing myself to create something very intimate and personal – because it's an environment where I feel safe."

Installation No Reflection Portugal

It can sometimes feel like the world is developing in a very rapid pace - how do you as an artist ground yourself and your practice, to keep moving forward?

Over the past year, I’ve been trying to maintain a steady pace in my artistic practice so as not to burn out. I constantly try to create, while taking care of my physical and mental condition, which allows me to maintain a sense of happiness about the world and experience the process of creation.

What is 'temporary' to you?

I try to see everything as a transient unit that promotes the movement forward. It allows us not to cling to certain stereotypes about ourselves or the world and to look at the processes around us with a fresh eye.

The work of Paulīne Kalniņa (with Mārtiņš Zvirbulis) will be exhibited by between 17 - 21 July 2020.
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@pauline.kalnina exhibition 'GARLAICĪBA / LONG TIME' can be seen in Plieņciems, Latvia from July 10 2020 – August 4 2020.
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