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“Boredom / Long Time” - A cycle of exhibitions featuring four young artists and their interpretation of process, time and space.



canvas 380x310 mm – rubberised fabric, sand paper, sand blasting (2017)

Seaside, the sound of waves hitting the sand, a summer breeze, an empty space, time – long, short, dragging on, going too fast. What used to be the canteen of a fish processing factory will, between 10th of July - 4th of August, house a cycle of exhibitions featuring a different artist each week. Sigita Sniegs, Paulīne Kalniņa, William Jones, and Tīna Pētersone will each present their own interpretation of the theme “Garlaicība (Boredom) / Long Time”. 

The first cycle of exhibitions by the newly founded has a strong tie to its location, a micro-utopian environment in a state of transformation at the hands of each individual artist's process. is a new experimental art gallery, founded by scenographer and visual artist Krišjānis Elviks, and curator Tīna Pētersone. Combining site-specific and interdisciplinary exhibitions (with an interactive and stimulating online platform) process becomes not only the means, but part of the actual result for us to devour. We are challenged in how we look at art – about time. 

Sigita Sniegs is a Latvian artist with a background in fashion design, having graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with a BA in Fashion Design and an MA from the Department of Visual Communication. Her work focuses on re-discovering textile as an autonomous medium, taking it beyond everyday utility and manipulation, deconstructing, or even losing the textile itself in the creative process.

Tell us the story of the materials you choose to work with - why is this your preferred medium?

I discovered and started to work with textiles during my studies in Fashion Design. Later, while doing my masters in visual communication, it seemed like a natural continuation to use fabric as I already knew it more than any other material. After several destructive manipulations the contents of fabric revealed new perspectives to me – in a sense this material is a medium that explains time.

When does time pass very slowly for you?

After finishing my studies, time has felt slower than I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve not yet completely formulated the direction in which I want to work, or what I want to do with my practice, and so it’s prolonging the situation.

Phantom of reality (2020)

"It took me quite some time to accept that rational art is also art."

Phantom of reality – close up of canvas 1500x1100 mm (2020)

In what way did the location of this exhibition affect your preparation and process for it? Is there a difference to a more urban location?

I don’t believe that because an exhibition takes place in Riga it's ‘more important’ than an exhibition outside of the city. It’s pleasant to realise that what you can offer to the public outside of ‘the center’ can have a greater mission – it builds a certain excitement about the show.

What about the current art climate bores you?

Currently, I find the great emphasis on the conceptual side (and less on visual perception) to be annoying. I hope that Kant’s definition of “beautiful is what everyone likes without concept,” would make us see pure beauty as a possibility in contemporary art again. That pattern is actually shifting globally, but in an explicitly tide-like manner – ideas are not always clear and readily comprehensible. You cannot always expect an average visitor to appear at an exhibition completely prepped with the “right” background knowledge.

process of destruction (2018)

It can sometimes feel like the world is developing in a very rapid pace - how do you as an artist ground yourself and your practice, to keep moving forward?

For a while now my pace has diminished, I don't really keep track of time any more. It doesn't matter much what time it is, what day it is or even the month of the year. All of my time is divided into larger segments – either the summertime or winter, the morning or the afternoon.

What is 'temporary' to you?

My artistic practice is more rational than poetically imaginative or abstract. It’s provincial, my ideas are simple and not that contemporaneous, but that’s okay with me. It took me quite some time to accept that rational art is also art – ordinary objects that independently surround your space and don’t in any way interfere with you.

The work of Sigita Sniegs with be exhibited by between 10 - 14 July 2020.
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@ssniegs exhibition 'GARLAICĪBA / LONG TIME' can be seen in Plieņciems, Latvia from July 10 2020 – August 4 2020.
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